Inaugurated on 18 April 2007 by the Abbot-Khen Rinpoche Acharya Geshe Lobsang Palden and Ven. Hai Tao (Founder & Spiritual Director of Life TV). This Centre is founded with the objective of imparting Buddhism Teachings and to promote applications of teachings in daily life and to foster and develop interest and appreciation in Buddhist culture and Buddhist art.

The centre is administered by a committee (Board Members) for a term of three years. The present elected committee that has taken charge in November 2010 is the second since its founding. 1. Resident Monk Geshe Tenzin Dremey 2. Resident Monk Geshe Lobsang Chomphel Bhutia

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Sera Jey Monastery follows its centuries old tradition and culture dating back to its great period in Tibet, to this present day without much significant change. As such the monastery continues to exist in a typical Tibetan Gelukpa monastic tradition to this day. 

The monastery’s organization is well organized into two separate streams, one involved in Spiritual / Educational Administration and the other in General / Financial Administration. Structure: Spiritual / Educational Administration General Administration Spiritual / Educational Administration


The traditional curriculum in Buddhist Philosophical Studies in its highest standard is complemented with a vibrant modern extra curricula, in harmony with the spiritual curriculum.

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