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与 礼忏《三十五佛》
White Umbrella Puja & Confessions to 35 Buddha

The Seraj (Singapore) Buddhist Society
held the “Big White Umbrella Cover” and the “35 Folly” White Umbrella Puja & Confessions to 35 Buddha on Thursday evening, July 04

Time: 8pm-9.30pm

Venue: No 9 Geylang Lor 35 #03-01 Inquiries: tel: 67491139
Please pay attention to your participation in the Bodhisattva. Atomic Buddha. Amitabha
The special merits of worshipping 35 Buddha:
The 35th Buddhist ceremony is very powerful and important. The net crimes. If you don’t want to suffer, you must respect the thirty-five Buddhas to clean the barriers. If you don’t have space to pray, you can at least read the name of the thirty-five Buddhas. If you have any diseases or defects, you can’t use your mouth. You can at least read your mouth. When you first read the name of the thirty-five Buddhas, it is a great interest to read. If you want to have some enlightenment and achievements in your practice, you must respect the thirty-fifth Buddha. Even if you don’t pursue high achievements, you just don’t want to suffer. It is also very important to respect the 35 Buddhas. There are six kinds of obstacle-removal techniques in the Bodhi Path, and the thirty-five Buddhas are one of them. One of the ways to get rid of the obstacles is to hold the name of the Buddha, especially the thirty-five Buddhas. This is a powerful method. Every Buddha in the 35th Buddha is shown to remove a certain evil that we usually violate, and to purify our hearts. Holding every Buddha’s name will eliminate the bad habits of a few robbers. This is an incredible and powerful method. Holding a Buddha’s name in these Buddhas will remove the specific evils of a few robberies. With a Buddha’s name, you can heal all the causes of the four hundred and four diseases. Undoubtedly, this method of removing obstacles is too precious. The evil industry that is only removed once by the name of the Buddha is the cause of all diseases and predicaments. With a Buddha’s name, you can eliminate all the diseases, difficulties, and obstacles that you may have to live through. The net removal is not only a bad business, but a bad business!

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